Paul Bishop, Certified Hypnotherapist

paul bishop

Paul Bishop is a certified hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the largest hypnosis body in the world. He has advanced hypnosis training and certifications with 5-PATH (5 Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis), which utilizes insights in hypnosis to affect change, and Integrated Imagery Regression Hypnosis, which utilizes the entire energetic chain of experience (ECE), including current life, past lives, and the interlife, as therapy. 

Paul specializes in a wide range of hypnosis applications including past life regressions, life between lives regressions, psychic development, and behavior modification. He is also completing his Masters of Arts degree in Transpersonal Studies with a specialization in Consciousness at Atlantic University, which was founded by the late “sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce.

For more information, visit or call Paul at (859) 230-1754.


Heather Brandenburg, Spiritist Medium

heather brandenburg

An expert Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, and Clairaudient, Heather Brandenburg reads energy, auras, tarot and objects to provide her clients with information into their future, past, and what is blocking them from achieving all that they can be in the universe. She is also a Spiritist Medium and offers Chakra Healing and Gifts classes with OMNI Spiritual center in Southern Indiana and at Sanctuary of Eternal Truth in New Albany, Indiana.


Michele Catinna, Reflexology


Michele Catinna has been in practice as an alternative healer since 1998.   She specializes in Phoenix Vibrational Healing (PVH), having studied with its founder, Fred Payne, since 2000, and Reflexology, which she has studied and practiced since 1996, having been trained by the International Institute of Reflexology, based in St. Petersburg, Florida.  She is also knowledgeable in aromatherapy and nutrition.

PVH is a comprehensive healing modality using dowsing, codes, frequencies, mudras, prayer and directed will to identify and clear discordant influences, energies and beings from individuals, objects, dwellings and the earth.    Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual suffering can be cleared or its symptoms relieved by energetic techniques.

Michele can clear most things that can be named, including:  negative emotional charges; shock, panic and trauma; blocked chakras and energetic pathways; grief; psychic attack and full or partial possession. She can dowse questions about illnesses and energies; use kinesiology to evaluate supplements; and locate and retrieve spiritual energy, high selves, souls and soul essences.

Michele Catinna

Reflexology is an ancient healing art based on the body’s energy channels.  Dis-ease is caused by altered or blocked energy flow, which manifest in tenderness in “reflex areas” in the hands and feet.  Reflexologists treat these areas, helping ease various symptoms and assisting the body in achieving balance and relaxation.  Reflexology has helped relieve many symptoms and diseases, including fibromyalgia, migraine, plantar fasciitis, sinus trouble, and insomnia.  Many people are surprised to discover how much tension and pain the body can carry without acknowledging it—and how much can be cleared through reflexology.           859-948-4121


Layla Cherrie' Cook
Oracle Reader
ie Card Faerie Expert, Elemental Oracle Reader
& DIY Workshop Leader

Layla cherrie

Layla Cherrie’ was born and raised here in Lexington Ky.  From a very young age, Layla noticed that she had quite a relationship with nature, and the energies found within trees, and other life forms in the Forest.  In her grandmother’s backyard she would see and interact with “the little folk” as her Mamaw Mulligan would call them.  Sprites, Faeries or Garden Helpers are other names given to these often unseen beings.  She spent many weekends in her childhood camping and playing in the Red River Gorge, and would spend hours building and decorating homes made of wood, bark and other findings from the woods , for the faeries, gnomes or other “little folk” to inhabit.  She also took special notice of personalities and faces she saw in the large old trees, and often would take photographs of them to bring home.  Being an only child, this connection with nature became a way of life for her.  She would often ask the little folk for advice, for answers or just simply have a nonchalant communication with the trees or nature while walking to and from school. 

Layla was also raised with an inherently strong Intuition, and was trained by her maternal grandmother in her family’s hereditary divination methods.  “Babe” (grandmother) spent hours at the kitchen table with her practicing simple mind-reading activities, how to “see” energy in your fingertips and even practiced strengthening each other’s Clairvoyant & Clairaudient abilities.  Although at the time, she was sure this was just something Grandma’s did with their grandchildren.   Babe taught her to “read” fortunes & histories by using just a set of old playing cards, and explained the direct relations to each card meaning.

During the late 1990’s Layla created massive Faerie Homes and began creating wire sculpture art dolls.  She would read tarot cards and do palm readings for different non-profit benefit shows, such as Avol’s yearly Mardi Gras Party.  She even worked part-time as a telephone psychic on one of the more popular psychic hotlines of that time period, However she maintained her role as an Accounting Clerk & Mother and did not really hone in on her abilities until later in life.

In the Summer of 2011, while working for the University of KY, she witnessed a horrific event while at work, that caused her to stop in her tracks and pay close attention to what the Universe was calling her to do.  During a witness testimony it became evident to her that what she “saw” was absolutely physically impossible for her to have “seen” with her eyes, due to positioning & video evidence.  However, her recount of the event and details of the victims clothing and appearance were 100% accurate.  It is in court record that Layla’s insight and Intuition were beyond what the court and police could explain.  From that day on, she began a tumultuous daily regimen of self-healing and exploration. 

Today, she is a Certified Intuitive Counselor, Certified EFT practitioner ( Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki Practitioner, a “Healing with the Fairies” and Faerie Oracle Card Reader, Archangel Oracle Reader, Natural Empath & Clairaudient and uses “Synesthesia Perception” in her work. (she is a colors/numbers synesthesia classification). She is also an Assemblage Artist creating unique one of a kind Faerie Homes and custom wire sculpture Art Dolls, a Student of ATS (American Tribal Style) Bellydance and has had a small role as a Vampire in a local independent film. She attended the University of Kentucky, and holds a degree in Marketing, however her main course of study before entering into mother hood for the 3rd time, was Cultural Anthropology/Comparative Religion and she continues to study in that field.  

 She incorporates her healing energy into each work of art and creates healing “kits” and portable altar kits and includes these into her coaching and counseling sessions when necessary.  Layla has had much success assisting those who have lived through trauma, mentally or physically , people with diagnosis of PTSD, Anxiety or depression, and people who live with Greif & loss, into learning how to live fully again, and empower them with their own healing tools, in order to regain control of their lives and healing.  She maintains that it is her own experiences that have given her much of the knowledge that is necessary to heal others, however it is her insight on how to strengthen these natural empath and healing abilities that she believes each person beholds, that she strives to share with the world.  It is her main goal to empower, enlighten and strengthen each client’s own personal gifts and skill set.  A session with Layla is often like a soul healing journey where you will learn to provide yourself with love  & light again!

Monthly DIY Make & Take workshops, such as Gourd Faerie House Workshops held here at the Ghost Hunter Shop.  Call the shop 859-576-5517 or email Layla to inquire. 

Feel free to visit Layla on Facebook or her website. To schedule an appointment by email contact her by clicking here.


Rachel Cintron - LMT

rachel cintron

Rachel Cintron, is a Licensed Massage Therapist and an Independent
Distributor for It Works.

 Rachel is originally from Columbia, South Carolina and moved to
Lexington, Kentucky in 2010. In 2012, she decided go to school for
Massage Therapy at Lexington Healing Arts Academy. She has found what
her heart has always desired to do, which is to help people relieve their pain or stress.

Rachel is specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial.  Lets make
your stress melt away.

For appointments send an email to Rachel


Joanie Conn, Oracle Card Reader

joanie conn

Growing up, Joanie always knew that she had a unique awareness of energies that surround people...past and present.  Through family stories she began to understand that her ability went back many generations and thus began her journey. 

Her spirit yearned to help others on their path. Her continuing education of religions, metaphysics, and the paranormal gave her spirit that opportunity.

Your spirit wants to communicate with you constantly.  Due to stress and worry in our daily lives, those messages can become jumbled and sometimes even blocked.  There are many enlightened helpers waiting to guide you in a multitude of ways.  This is where she comes in!  She possess the ability to identify your helpers and to assist in the translation of the messages by using oracle cards and a lifetime of spiritual study. By tapping into your spirit, together she can bridge the gap of uncertainty to make the messages clear.  

What has YOUR spirit been trying to tell YOU? 

To contact Joanie please click here.


Larry Crockett, Shamanic Journey


Larry Crockett, is a certified Master of Crystology, a Usui Traditional Reiki Master/Teacher, and is certified in Crystal Surgery. Larry is one of the teaching assistants in the Healer's Certification Program and is a board member of Four Winds Academy of the Healing Arts and Sciences in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Larry is a board member and a healing practitioner of White Dove Circle of Light and Love in Troy (near Dayton, Ohio).  Also, Larry is one of the original practitioners of the Mystical Paranormal Fair in Lexington, Kentucky.


Shamanic journeying, guided meditations, past-life ascensions, energy healing, and the crystal reading board are just a few of the modalities he uses to bring about healing.

You can contact Larry through his email or by calling 513-648-9883 to schedule an appointment. 


Valerie Drake
Clairvoyant Reader & Spiritual Healer


Born and raised in Madison County, Kentucky, her curiosity about the paranormal started at a very early age. She cannot pinpoint an exact moment of interest, but she was always being drawn in by the unexplainable. When she turned nine, she became aware that she could see things others could not. She began to see thousands of sparkling twinkling pin pricks of light taround particular people in my life. She would ask others if they could see the light dashing around them, they could not. Though she did not fully understand at the time what was happening, she knew somewhere deep down that she was special.

Entering middle school she began to educate myself on being more spiritual and learning meditation. she was extremely interested in the astral plane and very much wanted to see beyond her own sight. Around age 13, she gained the ability to astral project, in those times being outside of her body her view on everything changed. As she grew older she became more in touch with her other worldly abilities, and was thoroughly chaperoned through many of her revelations by a personal spirit guide who helped her better understand the delicate balance in the universe. Understanding this balance enhanced her senses here in the “real” world. It is her greatest desire to help those who are lost, to heal those who hurt whether it be physical, mental or spiritual, and provide confirmation for those who need closure in instances when a loved has passed on.


Services offered:
-Providing past life information                                                      -Intuition card reading
-Channeling energy regarding future events
-Dream analysis
-Connect with your own guides and angels
-Pendulum majic
-How to heal emotional and physical challenges


David H. Ehl
Author of
You Are Gods


Childhood Spiritual Development
David spent twenty-two years researching the emotional affects of fundamentalist Christian church doctrine. The fundamentalists taught that God was angry, judgmental and holy; and had created a place called hell to punish sinners for all eternity for their sins here in this life. They preached that everyone is a sinner deserving of hell, and that the only way to avoid hell was to accept Jesus as your savior and to be baptized for the remission of your sins.

Beliefs have consequences. Bad beliefs have horrible consequences.  By the time David was an adolescent he was consumed with the fear of an angry, judgmental God and that fear sent him into severe depression, thoughts of suicide and ultimately as a teenager into the abyss of alcoholism.
Early Adulthood and Spiritual Recovery

At the age of 22, through a series of painful but fortuitous events David found a 12-Step program that slowly changed his beliefs about God and consequently the results in his life. The 12-Step groups teach that no matter what you’ve done God will help you in life. Over the next twenty plus years, he watched as thousands of others came into the 12-step program. David noticed that the most common characteristics of all these people was either a deep seated fear of God or atheism, and that both beliefs lead to fear and emotional isolation. As they “came to believe that a power greater than themselves could restore them to sanity” their lives were transformed.

Spiritual Awakening
In 2007 David’s former mother-in-law died unexpectedly. To cope with the loss he began researching stories of people who had had NDE (Near-Death Experiences). The stories had similarities to what was taught in many Christian churches (both fundamentalist and otherwise) and what was in the English translations of the Bible, but there were some major differences. As he began to research the differences he discovered the discrepancies were due primarily to issues with translation and a misunderstanding of many of the metaphors and idioms of the original languages of the Bible- Hebrew and Greek. His experience and discoveries lead him to write his first book “You Are Gods.”

In 2010 David left the financial services industry to devote full time to research, writing and speaking. In 2011 “You Are Gods” was published by Createspace, a division of Today, David travels nationally as a speaker at workshops, seminars and conventions sharing his personal spiritual experiences as well as his accumulated research in NDE, science and the original languages of th


Kathy Glover, K's Aura Photo Readings


Kathy Glover is an a retired Nurse and Ordained Minister in the Order of Melchizedek, Reiki Master and a Spiritual Mentor. Since 2003, she has worked reading a person’s aura through Aura Photography utilizing her gifts as a well recognized clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant intuitive.

She shares a commitment to her spiritual growth through meditation, Reiki and other modalities of energy work. Client’s lives have been transformed through the intuitive reading of a person’s aura photograph with the physical, mental and spiritual studies of a person’s colors.

kathy glover

Give yourself the opportunity of an intuitive Aura photography reading to assist you in your journey of life.  or call 270-769-5813

Example of an aura photo


Serena Gordon, Medium/Psychic


Serena first experienced her psychic gifts at age 4. She is a psychic medium with gifts of intuition, clairvoyance and communication with spirits. She has studied for many years in the areas of the paranormal, metaphysics, remote viewing, and working with spirits guides.

Serena uses her gifts to help everyone she can. She feels God led her to work with others to help them in their daily lives. She is Certified Paranormal Investigator with Ghost Chasers International and Kentucky Spirit Seekers. Serena is also a member of the American Association of EVP.

serena gordon

To make an appointment with Serena at the MPFair please click here.


Rene' Guagliardo, Akashic Record Consult

Rene' has completed all THREE LEVELS of Akashic Record Training in 2009 -
2010. Level I Reiki and 3 years of Spiritual Ceremonies with a Peruvian
Shaman. This is in addition to being a Montessori School Principal for 20
years AND a Certified Equine Education Facilitator. As a result, she's
had a vast amount of experience in helping people to discover what they
already know on a SOUL LEVEL. All that is needed is a little guidance to
access what their Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones, want them to SEE and

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the records of your soul journey in your energy
field. It contains past information and present and future possibilities.

References to the Akashic Records date back to ancient times. The concept
of the Akashic Records has been referred to in different spiritual
traditions: "The Book of Life" in the Bible or "The Book of Remembrance"
in the Torah. The Records are also referred to as Universal Mind, Cosmic
Mind or, the Eye of God.

 How does an Akashic Records reading differ from other techniques?

What distinguishes an Akashic Record reading from other readings is that
in an AR reading the information received by the AR consultant is
received through the Crown chakra and it is supported by the Heart
chakra. The energy of the Akashic Records is the energy of Love. It is
not a psychic reading but a spiritual one.

You were always meant to be able to access this information through your
own Records. A consult simply accesses your Record Keepers, allowing you
to have a conversation. You ask questions and your Masters, Teachers and
Loved Ones, will answer.

It is said that the dimensional portal of the Akashic Records is located
in Shambala at a planetary level.


SESSIONS:  $1.00/minute 30 minute minimum


becky henry

Beckie Henry is an intuitive medium and holds the Certified Angel Card Reader© designation. She reads both Angel Tarot and Oracle cards. For the past three years she has been studying and developing her abilities that first appeared in childhood.

Her main interests are working with angels and crystals, as well as serving as a Soul Shepherd to earthbound spirits who need assistance in crossing to the light. She designs crystal and natural stone jewelry.

Her husband, Pat, fabricates the designs, and they are marketed as “One Of A Kind Creations.”


  Rose Howard, Intuitive

rose howard

Rose Howard is a local sound healer, intuitive teacher, and aromatherapist.  She works under the guidance of a master alchemist and aromatherapist, Mary, who traveled the earth plane with Jeshua.  A being whose name is “Sound of the Divine Heart,” inspires blends of high vibrations infused with gemstone energies and sound frequencies. 

Though Rose has been intuitive from an early age, she has been doing healing and transformative energy work for 26 years, and creating aromatic, mystical blends for 10 years.  Rose works with the Music of the Spheres in her healing work and aromatherapy creations. 
Her aroma blends are infused with Merkaba Repatterning Codes, Star Codes, and other sound frequencies.  The work with Thoth and others on the Sacred Seven Oils, bring increased vibration on all levels back to the Heart of the Divine.

Rose is a Usui & Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, has a MA in Art and MA in Art Therapy.  She is a National Writing Award Recipient for her research on PTSD, and Exhibitor in Art Shows locally and nationally.
Here at this fair, a Voice Imprint Analysis is available to help your experience of co-creating balance and harmony.

How it works: Your speaking voice, naturally and optimally, contains all the notes of the musical scale.  Rose will provide the Imprint with Interpretation, a Chakra-Based Physical/Emotional Correlation Chart for your use, and Recommendations for Toning, Mantras, Chakra Oils and other Essential oils.  Sessions are approximately 20+ minutes for $20.  With $5. Applied to a Chakra Oil, or other Mystical Oil Blend purchase.

Rose integrates creativity, intuition, and formal training to holistic energy work and classes.  At Thousand Petals our mission is: “Reclaim What Is Yours, Naturally.”  At Thousand Petals we co-create Natural Health Care, Wellness, and Transformation. 

502-741-9612 and 


Kathryn Hauffman
Psychic Seer and Spiritualist

kathryn Hauffman

Kathryn Kauffman - Psychic Seer and Spiritualist Practicing for 30+ years.  Born and raised on Midway Island, the isolation of the island provided a unique environment to develop the psychic abilities that were already inherent in her family. A supportive network of gifted family members gave her the answers to many questions growing up with Seership abilities. She was provided tutelage on Psychic Ethics by Shirley Hoy wife of the late and famous Dr. David Hoy. Dr. Hoy’s abilities were well documented in the book “Super- Psychic” by John Godwin.

With Kentucky Paranormal Investigations, she helped families experiencing Hauntings in Kentucky from 2004 until dissolution of the group in 2013. Original members of the team have come back together as Central Ky Ghost Researchers to continue their work in the paranormal.

During her 20’s to 40’s She became a highly accommodated ICU RN with experience in 7 different specialty areas of ICU nursing. Here she also assisted patients and families in dealing with acute illness stress and dying. She was an active member of the RN staff at UKMC providing energy teaching to the families of critically ill patients. While practicing Massage Therapy since 1994 , she has developed Nature Resonance Crystal Healing © modality. She also teaches Massage Therapists the Techniques of  protective Crystal Matrixing ©.This is a way for the Massage Therapist’s to protect themselves from excess and unhealthy energies while working. She was a Adjunct member of the Kentucky Board of Nursing and Pioneered the Establishment of Massage Therapy and Energy Techniques by Nurses in the state of Kentucky.

Kathryn now provides private readings, mediumship and paranormal services for the communities of Lexington and Louisville Kentucky. She has published works in meditation, poetry and paranormal subjects on Kindle. She is an active teacher and offers seminars in the following: How does negative resonance affect the human being? Weekend Intensives on Understanding your Psychic Abilities (Beginner and Advanced) Practical and easy ways to protect your personal energy , and the energy environment of your home. Ghosts What are they really? Psychic’s and Medium’s What is the difference
between them? Protective Crystal Matrixing © for Massage Therapist or energy healers. To make an appointment with Kathryn at MPFair please click here.


Mary Lee Little, Psychic


Accuracy is the Name of the Game! One of central Kentucky ’s and Ohio well known Psychics.  Tutored by one of parapsychology Institute of America’s top psychics who was the original psychic to investigate the famous Amityville home in Long Island N.Y.   Mary Lee has been featured from time to time on some of Lexington ’s radio stations.

She has been involved in esoteric and spiritual studies since she was a young girl. At this point in life she not only shared with her clients her experience but also her spiritual knowledge that she has acquired over the last thirty-five years. 

Let her share her gift with you. She channels a deep inner guidance and combines herclairvoyance and medium talents while integrating this with her tarot readings.  She considers accuracy her main call card.


All readings by appointment only call only between 9 am –7pm 859 340-6029
You may reach Mary Lee by email


Darrell Logan
Intuitive Guide Messaging

darrell logan

As a child, Darrell didn’t understand the things he was seeing and feeling within his daily life.  He could see shadows, colors and lines surrounding and within people, and he could feel their emotions.  He knew he was different from other children.  In his late teen years, he began seeing figures that he later realized were spirits present in our world. 
Over the years, he gained powerful insight on how to use these gifts and with the help of his spirit guides, he has developed tools in grounding and communication that fully allow him to embrace the gifts that he is honored to practice.

Darrell can help you find peace and understanding.  He offers Medical Intuitive readings, Grounding Sessions, where his guides provide a Grounding technique that is tailored to your specific needs, as well as general intuitive readings. 

“I believe all people have a life force within them.  This force can be tipped or altered by any number of issues such as stress, illness, relationships, or attachments.   With the blessing and help from my guides, I can help find the reason and set the balance right.”   -Darrell Logan

You can reach Darrell by clicking Here to email him.


Shay Lynn
Spiritual Intuitive Artist

shay lynn

Shay Lynn is a Spiritual Intuitive & Artist. She is born and raised in the Lexington, Ky area. Shay has had the abilities to see,hear, and interact with spirits,angels,guides, and other beings from other different places since she was 2. Art and music were always her favorite outlets and ways to express what she could do, when words would not always do her visions or messages justice.

After researching her family history and listening to stories from her female relatives, Shay realized that her gifts are something that has been passed down to all the women in her family. She grew up in a spiritual environment and practiced her abilities before she even knew that what she could do, had names. Shay researched and studied many different aspects of religions and psychic teachings and she has been helping to guide, teach, and mentor friends and family for several years and has recently felt led to reach out to others that she may be able to help.

Shay specializes in Spirit Art sessions which are sessions that she will sit with the client or clients, and draw what she can see, hear, feel, or sometimes even smell or taste while she is focusing on the client. She may see your guardian angels, spirit or animal guides, past relatives or friends, and also hear messages meant for you. You never know what will turn up in a drawing or painting. She is also a Certified Angel Communicator, tea leaf reader, pendulum worker, aura & chakra balancing. She also a certified in Healing with Archangels Therapy.

To make an appointed with Shay at the MPFair click here.

shay lynn

Shay welcomes private sessions as well as parties. She will soon be teaching some classes on several of her certified fields. She is always learning and practicing new ways to reach out to others. Shay is Certified Medical Assistant who has been in the medical field for many years. Her goal in life is to assist and help those who may need care,comfort, or advice not only in a physical manner, but their spiritual walk as well.


Beverly McChesney


Beverly has always been sensitive to the needs of others, and to seeing truths that others might not see.  Claircognizant, as well as Intuitive and Clairaudient, she uses her abilities to offer you a myriad of services including Spiritual Readings, Auric Healing or Dream Interpretation; she is here to help, whatever the modality.  She has been an Usui Reiki Master since 2002, and is a student of several of the ancient Mystery Schools.  She is a Templar Degree Consciousness Facilitator as well as Blue Star Celestial Healing Master, and has attained her Bachelor of Sciences in Parapsychic Science. 

Beverly is a Certified Member of the World Metaphysical Association and an Ordained Minister. She and her husband Jim own Ohm Sweet Ohm; a gift and metaphysical shop based in Lexington, KY.  She feels her primary job to you as a client, is to help you use your own abilities in order to find your own truth and path.  She says she is not of ‘Master’ of anything, and is here just to honor her I AM, by offering herself to you as a Vessel of Spirit, that you might receive information or help you require.  It is her honor to serve you.

Click here to make an appointment for Beverly at the MPFair.


Freida Mee
Ionic Foot Bath Detox and Health Coach

freida Mee

Freida Mee is co-owner of Naturopath Body Cleanse in Bowling Green, KY.  This is a business that provides total body cleansing through foot detox. 

Freida has lived the past 15 years in Australia, which is one of the pioneer countries for the detox process.  We are living in a time when most people are overfed, under nourished and over medicated.  It is imperative that we detox in some fashion, and Freida is dedicated to educating people on the importance of this fact.

foot detox

Your body is constantly cleansing itself of toxins that result from the intake of food, water, and air. When there are more toxins than nutrients in the cells of your body and you notice a lack of pep and energy or just feel bad, you can help restore your body to wellness and improve your overall health without medications by detoxing. 

Detox foot baths can prevent and treat sinus and allergies, infections, increase energy levels, boost mood, assist weight loss, arthritis and joint pain, help with stomach, colon and intestinal issues, remove parasites, yeast, bacteria and much, much more. The proof will be in your pan!

Call for an appointment, Naturopath 270-438-2374


Latifa Meena
Animal Psychic and Communicator

Latifa currently calls Louisville, KY home. She has two “babies” of her own…her dogs Mocha and Heidi. Latifa is eloquent and quick, with an infectious giggle. She has began her professional career in the corporate world as a Microsoft Trainer and has been speaking in front of audiences since 1991. She has always been drawn to animals and today her topics are a bit different. She is likely to bring tears of comfort to a hurting pet owner as she describes their recently euthanized dog as being happy and grateful after having crossed over.

Latifa captivates the audience and can keep her composure while moving from one person to the next. Over the last several years, Latifa has been studying Animal Communication and "Hands on" Healing. She has attended multiple classes receiving hands-on training and experience with a variety of sources. She subscribes to the Code of Ethics for Interspecies Telepathic Communicators, formulated in 1990 by internationally-acclaimed, pioneer Animal Communication Specialist, Penelope Smith.

She has clients all over the world and has also conducted workshops and events along the east coast. She has been featured on TV in the southeast regional market, after conducting workshops with Three Dog Bakery , a specialty bakery for dogs.


Teri L. Page
LMT Natural Healing & Intuitive Readings

terri page

Teri was born in Melbourne, Florida, into a family who embraced all things mystical and paranormal.  Her abilities showed at an early age; growing up, her mother encouraged her gifts and often played games with her and her brother that taught them to send mental messages and images between family members. In school, almost every report Teri ever did was on the mystical or paranormal.

Teri's family heritage is a mix of Celtic and Blackfoot Indian; with roots steeped in two such deeply spiritual cultures, Teri tries to embrace traditions from both, as each culture shares similar beliefs, a love and reverence of nature, and an attunement to natural rhythms.

Teri has been doing professional readings for over 28 years and is a Psychic Medium, Tarot Card Reader and is a Medical Intuitive.

Teri is also a graduate of Space Coast Health Institute and has studied extensively under her mentor and teacher, Karen Dean where she achieved Master level in vibrational and energy healing. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Myotherapist, Pressure Therapist, Energy Master and an Herbalist with a lifelong background in nutrition.

Teri is an intuitive healer and uses a unique combination of her intuition and her diverse training in her sessions, tailored to fit the client’s needs at the time of the treatment so no two treatments are exactly the same.​ Teri is able to detect and remove energy parasites, attachments, energy and emotional connections and can remove the vibrational ‘garbage’ and cellular memories that can block the flow of healthy energy causing weaknesses, injuries and disease.

Over the last two years Teri has discovered the need for Ancestral healing; this largely unapproached form of healing deals with ancestral ties and bounds that pass through the generations causing illness and repeated issues in family lines. Teri has been in practice in Kentucky for over 13 years.
Teri hosts two internet radio shows, one healing and one paranormal. The healing show, Healing for the Four Folds of Life airs live every 1st Wednesday of the month at 11:00 am and her archived shows are also available on The show webpage is:

Teri’s paranormal show, Paranormal Crossing airs live every second and fourth Sunday evenings at 7pm on and offers a chat room to meet other like minded people in while you listen or ask questions. The show website is Archived shows are available on the website.

Emails and texts are most welcome and both shows have a live phone line for questions during the show.

Teri also works as a Paranormal Shepherd and Cleanser, having assisted hundreds to continue on with their journeys in addition to closing portals, removing unwanted energies, vortexes etc. Teri can remove stubborn or nasty entities but prefers to try to have them go willingly if possible.

Need help getting a handle on your gifts? Teri mentors people of all ages in learning to manage and utilize their gifts. Gifts can grow or manifest for the first time at any walk of life and it is useful to have others to talk to.

For more information please visit her websites:


Sherry Pryor
Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner

sherry pryor

Sherry has a passion for spiritual and holistic healing.  She is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, a Shamanic Practitioner, a Priestess in the Order of Melchizedek, a Reiki Master, Spiritual Energy Healer, and a Qigong Practitioner.  She has attended several Foundation for Shamanic Studies workshops and other advanced Shamanic and energy therapy training courses in addition to the Healing Touch Program.  She has facilitated and presented many workshops including Shamanic Journeying, Reiki I, II, and III, and Past Life Regression.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science with a minor in Psychology and has worked professionally in the Environmental field since 1986.
Sherry offers Healing Touch Energy Therapy to provide Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Balancing and Energy Healing.  Healing Touch is an energy modality that works primarily with the aura and chakras.  It is  based on the work of Alice Bailey, Barbara Ann Brennan, Brugh Joy, Rosalyn Bruyere, and others.  For more information, see
Sherry has studied and practiced Shamanism since 2006.  She offers Shamanic Services including Power Animal Retrieval, Extraction of Spiritual Intrusions, Soul Retrieval, Curse Unraveling, Messages from the Other Side, and Consultation on Specific Questions.  As a Shamanic Practitioner, Sherry works with her Power Animal and Teacher to provide healing and guidance.  More information may be found at

All services can be performed remotely or in-person.  See Sherry at the Mystical Paranormal Fair or contact her at (859) 366-4237 or (502) 558-4464 to schedule an appointment. 30 minute sessions are $30.00. Click here to email Sherry.


Gretchen Black-Raber/Clairsentient Medium


Gretchen is a Lexington native who considers her heart’s home New York City. She has been reading Runes and Tarot for others for more than twenty-five years. She is a medium, clairsentient and Empath.

She uses these skills to enhance her healing ability through many modalities including color therapy, energy work , visualization, guided imagery and cognitive and behavioral therapy modalities. She has trained as a Universalist minister and has received her Ordination and Doctorate of Divinity as well as certification as a Registered Behavior Therapist which allow her to offer intensive counseling when needed.

Gretchen is a Daughter O’Batala and Santera/Spiritista and Daughter Odin with shamanic tendencies and a deep respect for all faiths. She will not hesitate to meet you where you are on your own path and help you find clarity in your purpose. Her artwork is a weaving of information, intention and archetypal imagery that forms behavioral and spiritual changes in her viewers. She strongly believes others can find their voice through creativity and facilitates their discoveries through classes and personal coaching. She is a skilled and sometimes unorthodox teacher, but believes that finding one’s joy is a step along one’s personal healing journey. She is also funny, loves to tell stories and play –all essential skills for healers to have!


Ashley Ryan
Palm Tarot and energy worker

ashley ryan

I am a clairvoyant and I have been doing this for 12 years. I was born with a gift to see spirits.  ‎I specialize in palm tarot and energy.

I am new to the area of Kentucky ‎ I have spent most of my life in Texas. I am native American and Spanish.
I love what I do because I have met so many wonderful people and have given a lot of peace of mind as wel‎l. 
You can reach me at 361-728-8900 
And my email is 

Thank you so much




Although I work in the paranormal field, I would like it known that I am a scientist and student of sociology/psychology first. I prefer seeking out logical explanations for situations rather than jumping to conclusions. I believe that most metaphysics can be explained through quantum physics but, it is the pursuit of what can't be explained that drives me.

I am an Energy Alchemist and intuitive healer. Having been born blind, I've gained a higher empathic sense as well as being able to see the emotional responses of people or, their "auras". In my late teens I was trained in energy manipulation, aura cleansing and. removal of negative influences. This includes: dispelling curses, bindings, psychic blocks and removal of harmful attachments. Steve  has practiced energy alchemy for 15 years, attaining the status of master alchemist in his order. He specializes in spiritual healings, attachment removal and stone work.

Spirit Mechanix is a group of three very different paths converging together in order to help those in need. They offer many different services and products to aid others along their own path. Stephen L. Smith as Master Alchemist, joins Brian & Tiffany to coordinate a unique and service oriented group that sees helping others on their path as their goal in their healing and teaching work. Brian has been an intuitive counselor for the last 15 years, focusing on alchemy for the last 3 and most recently training as a medicine man. He specializes in physical healing, counseling, and stone work. Tiffany walks the Celtic path and is a channeler as well as a reader of the Ogam, or Celtic tree runes. She also creates crochet items for everyday and ritual wear
Together, they host many Workshops on Stones, Alchemy & Energy throughout the year here at The Ghost Hunter Shop.  Inquire within the shop, call email or Contact Steven L. Smith Directly at: 


Learned Star
Intuitive Tarot Reader

Learned Star is an intuitive tarot reader. She first saw angels and beings, and a strong interest in anything paranormal as a child. In middle school read her first tarot card book. In high school she more strongly felt the different energy and auras of stones and objects while making jewelry, and identified more with the power of symbolism with her artwork. She acquired her first tarot deck at twenty-one. She has studied different paths including Druidism, Magick, Toltec, Hermeticism, Angels, and Alchemy, and studied tarot with Dee Patterson.

People find Learned a people person, easy to talk to. She has a gentle style and a passion for helping others. She has a special compassion and understanding for people recovering from addiction and for their families. She also specializes in career choices and relationships.  You can reach her by email here.


Suzy Sparrowhawk
Of Herbal Stuff & The Silver Moon in Carlisle KY
Tarot Reader

suzy sparrowhawk

Suzy began reading Tarot in 2001. When she first started, a Psychic Medium told her to allow the cards to speak to her, to flip the switches in her head and allow her to see beyond the Veil. So her first deck was the Moon Tarot, and she never read the book that came with it. Just took whatever the images gave her in the moment. In addition, the conventional Tarot spreads were illogical to her, so she created her own. Sometimes she even dreams them! The results have been very positive. It gives her great pleasure to help others in a variety of ways, (she is a Green Witch and an Herbalist) and this is just one aspect of it.

Suzy is currently the Owner of Herbal Stuff, an herb and herbal products store in Carlisle Ky. They also sell organic coffee, teas, and handmade soap, ointments, capsules, and herbal teas that Suzy created. All along, she wanted her store to be outside of time and space, and an oasis of peace and healing. So she began to add metaphysical supplies. Now, people come from all over the state of KY, as well as OH, VA, and TN to visit them! And she has finally found some partners to work with so that it can be expanded in the way she wanted all along. They have added The Silver Moon to their name, to represent the Holistic Wellness Center that they envisioned it becoming. Herbal Stuff has its own Facebook Page. And she will be adding one onto Suzy Sparrowhawk for The Silver Moon.


Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter


Patti Starr is a world renowned paranormal investigator who owns the Ghost Chasers International organization founded in 1996 based in Lexington, Kentucky.  She is also owner of the Ghost Hunter Shop located at 835 Porter Place, Lexington, Kentucky. Patti is the tour guide for the immensely popular Bardstown Ghost Trek which she started in 1997 in Bardstown, KY.

With over 30 years of paranormal research and ghost investigations Patti has captured many anomalies in photos, videos and audios while investigating haunted locations. Her goal as an experienced and accomplished paranormal investigator is to collect evidence to support the premise that life goes on even after death. She is very active as a ghost researcher, author, lecturer, consultant, dowser, and teacher. Her book, Ghost Hunting in Kentucky and Beyond, is widely hailed as a must-have resource for all serious ghost hunters.

In 2001 Patti open the first Ghost Hunter Shop in the USA, located at 835 Porter Place, Lexington, KY 40508. Patti Starr invites you to visit Lexington's one and only premiere Ghost Hunter Shop providing you with equipment, books, vests, CDs, DVDs, EMF meters, infrared thermometers, dowsing tools and so much more to assist your ghost hunting needs. The Ghost Hunter Shop accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diner's Club, and PayPal. You can also find the Ghost Hunter Shop online at

Patti taught ghost hunting courses at the Bluegrass Community and Technical College in Lexington, Kentucky from 2001 - 2008. Her Ghost Hunter Certification Home Study Course is in great demand and she has students from all over the world enrolled. Her Ghost Hunter classes are offered once a month or you can sign up for her home study course.  She is currently lecturing at numerous universities, colleges, and libraries throughout the United States. 

Patti’s work has been documented in numerous newspapers and magazines including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Oracle 20/20, Ghost Magazine and Southern Distinction.

In 2006 Patti Starr was voted as one of the Top Ten Ghost Hunter Paranormal Investigators in America for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and again for 2011. 

Patti is a frequent guest on television and radio programs. She has been featured on national TV such as Biology Channel, "My Ghost Story", LEX 18 "Mystery Mondays", A&E “Airline” filmed in Birmingham, AL, at the haunted Sloss Furnaces and a film clip of that investigation was featured on the Montel Williams Show.  She was also featured on the Food Network “The Best of Fright Food” filmed at the haunted Talbott Tavern in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Patti’s new book “Ghosthunting, Kentucky” came out in September of 2010.  Clerisy Publisher created a series of books called “America’s Haunted Road Trip”.  They chose one author from each state to write about the ghosts in public places so people can take a road trip to visit these haunted locations.  Patti was chosen to write "Ghosthunting Kentucky".

Patti is currently working on an event, ScareFest Con, which will be held at the Lexington Center on September 13- 15, 2013.  It is herald as one of the biggest "Horror and Paranormal" conventions held in the USA. It features many stars and celebrities from the horror and paranormal communities.

ghost hunter shop

Patti will be available in her shop to answer your questions about tools and equipment used in ghost hunting or working with other energies. She will also be signing her new book, "Ghosthunting, Kentucky". Phone: 859-576-5517


Bertena Varney
Angel Reiki and Communicator

bertena varney

Bertena is an Angel Therapy Practioner and offers her clients several services that incorporate Reiki, Readings, and Meditation. She accesses the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Metatron and more.

Her one hour energy session includes a guided meditation, Angel Reiki healing, aura clearing, chakra balancing and ends with a short card reading that connects to the focus of the session. The focus may be on clearing negative energy, attracting your loved ones, connecting with your guides, angels or past lives or many more- just ask. This session really helps heal your mind, body, and soul.

She also does energy readings using oracle and/tarot cards that focus on love, life path, past life, and career.

BUT, her unique gift is giving Realm Readings. These are unique and really help the client learn information about that person's life purpose, relationships, personality, and other characteristics. Pre- register to find out if you are an Angel, Elemental, Mermaid, Knight or what?

She also does Distant Reiki Attunements- ask her about these as well.
She is a student of Doreen Virtue and has been certified through her Angel University with the following classes: Certified Angel Therapy Practioner, Past Life Healing, Angel Card Reading, Angel Realm Readings, Angel Dream Interpretation, and Mediumship. And she is a certified Angel Therapist Practioner through Doreen as well.

She is also a certified Holistic Life Path Coach through the Healing Arts Academy, a Usui Reiki Master, and a Certified Paranormal Investigator through Patti Starr. She is a published author and writes for
She is the owner of the Angel Communication and Healing Academy- An online school for those interested in connecting and working with the angels.

She is also a sociology professor at Southcentral Community College in Bowling Green, KY

She is open for in for on line and telephone readings as well as parties and may be reached

Bertena Varney


Vickie Young
cine Dream Healing
Chakra balancing
Reiki and Clearing Energy

vickie young

Medicine for your Soul!
 Are you feeling:

  • Tired, lack of energy?
  • Stuck?
  • Unmotivated?
  • Like you need some guidance?
  • Stressed out?

Then a healing session from Vickie might be what you are looking for!
You will leave feeling totally refreshed, relaxed and centered.
Vickie has been practicing Reiki since 1995 and a Reiki  Master/Teacher since 2008. She attended a school for clairvoyant training for 5 years and is a certified Quantum Touch practitioner and practices shamanic techniques.
Medicine Dream Healing energy sessions are all about healing and realigning the whole body. A way to balance out what’s not working and become more of yourself.

To help you grow within, Vickie employs her intuition as well as trusting the guidance of not only her own Guides, but yours also. Applying years of study and working within field of intuitive healing, Vickie shows you how to improve your own life beginning with your first session.

Vickie has a healing space located in Lexington and she also runs the Medicine Dream Healing Academy which hosts several classes and workshop such as: all levels of Reiki, Learn the Akashic Records one on one, Learn to read Tarot, Psychic development and much more.

Book your energy healing session in advance to ensure you will have the opportunity to work with Vickie during this event. Space is limited ​so you can contact Vickie by clicking Here.

Please visit Vickie's website at

Classes offered can be viewed at :


In Loving Memory
Georgia Moore (Lady G)
1946 - 2014

Lady g

Georgia, Better known as "Ladey G" was a resident of Louisville, KY and owner of "Matrix-A Place of Change", a metaphysical shop & Pagan Community Learning & Spiritual Center.  She was a Master & Vendor of our MP Fair for many years.  She specialized in the passed down art of "Ear Candling" as well as tarot readings, consultations, and teaching those that asked about House Blessings & Spiritual Cleansing.  Ladey G was a Wiccan High Priestess, Grandmother, Mother and Friend. 

She spearheaded The Pagan Community Outreach Center & offered many social services, free dinners, and other volunteer efforts in her work with the Louisville Pagan Community, as well as Social Service & other Religious Communities.  She was a teacher and Master above all, sharing her passion for teaching the traditionalist ways of the true Goddess Path in the Wicca Religion, she was the "go to" for anyone curious about this path.  Georgia had a deep respect for and took guidance from many other paths & religions making her one of the most sought after teachers & guides in the Metaphysical Community. 

She is missed sorely and we know that she watches over us and keeps us smiling here at the MP Fair.  


In Loving Memory
Cynthia Louis
1944 - 2014

cynthia louis

Rev. Cynthia "Snyd" Louis is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church, the Progressive Universal Life Church, and the Spiritual Humanist Church.  She is a former member of the Association for Research and Enlightenment (the Edgar Cayce Foundation), and served as a Field Representative for ARE for nearly two decades, helping seekers from all paths and traditions in North America and Europe organize their own Search For God groups. 

She studied paranormal phenomena under the late Connie Griffith, an associate of Hans Holzer.  She was an early student of the late Jose Silva, founder of the Silva Mind Mastery program, and was also a student of the Lucis Trust.  She has been offering tarot, numerology, and past life retrievals since 1972, and is an internationally recognized expert in the Cayce method of metaphysical dream interpretation. 

A Certified HypnoTherapist (state-certified in California, Ohio, and Indiana) and an Ohio-Certified Rational Behavior Therapist, she also offers behavior modification and spiritual counseling.


In Loving Memory
Wade Outland


Wade was a student of the metaphysical for more than 25 years.  He was experienced in Tarot, energy healing, massage, and other modalities as well as an accomplished astrologer.  He was an intuitive musician, performing and recording his improvisational Native American Flute music. 

Wade first began his training in Astrology with Gail Fairfield, a noted astrologer and author of the book Choice Centered Astrology.  While studying with Gail, he attained two levels of certification as an astrologer through the National Center for Geocosmic Research (NCGR), which administers exams for each certification level.

Wade was a wonderful Master with the Mystical Paranormal Fair and he will be deeply missed.


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